The cozy landscape of a coffee shop

The landscape as an artistic genre records the artist's relationship with nature, their environment, and their time, inevitably illustrating their emotionality. In a landscape we can identify, for example, a particular fauna or vegetation, a natural or urban geography, and through these elements we can also intuit "the interior landscape" of the person who created the work. For this reason, throughout history and in contemporary art, landscape has addressed complex issues such as territory, displacement, travel, identity, etc.

The Arte Original Gallery has the privilege of having a wide collection of landscape works produced by great artists from Latin America. The breadth of discourses, visual languages, formats, techniques is also a sample of its nuances and spectrums. That is, in these landscapes we can recognize the Latin American singularity in its similarities and its diversities, understanding its coherence and its multiplicity.

Ana Vanessa Urvina. Orchids and palm trees.

Arte Original will be able to present its wonderful collection of landscapes at Baked & Wired thanks to a fortunate alliance that both companies have decided to make. Baked & Wired is a bakery that produces small-batch baked goods prepared from family recipes and handcrafted coffee from roasters across the country. It is also a space with a social and cultural purpose. They said, "we believe the best memories are made around food and drink, and we are dedicated to creating community gathering spots around DC." In the heart of Georgetown, the place is known for being a company that offers a wonderful gastronomic experience, and for being a space that supports and spreads the career of local artists.

The physical space of Baked & Wired will be a permanent exhibition site for Arte Original for the next 6 months, until June 2023. Baked & Wired expands its radius of action by disseminating the work of Latin American artists and elevating the gastronomic experience and cultural repertoire that offers. Arte Original is pleased to present part of its collection to a new public in a different context than usual, such as art fairs, for example. More than arranging works on the wall as happens in other common cafes and restaurants, this alliance seeks to carry out a curatorial exercise: the exhibitions designed by the gallery will not only have a theme and a meaningful sense of staging, but they will also be changed periodically.
From Thursday, January 19th until the end of February, you can visit the exhibition that will be called Nature as Refuge. Of course, admission is free, and you are invited to visit the cozy space, enjoy coffee and pastries while contemplating the landscape of landscapes. Baked & Wired is located at 1052 Thomas Jefferson st nw. Washington DC 20007.

Written by Ana García Rivas,

 Arte Original.

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