I know that putting together a gallery wall can feel overwhelming. It feels like a game of tetris with artwork that you have acquired in different places and different points in your life in one space. But that’s the beauty of the whole process! It’s figuring out the visual discourse of artwork that meant a lot to you in different periods of your life. It’s almost like putting little pieces of your story on a wall.

Here are some tips that might help you start visualizing your gallery wall:

First, the paintings don’t need to be in matching colors or frames. Actually, a gallery wall with all matching frames and color schemes looks generic — like it’s a showroom for a furniture store. Here you see a gallery wall of a nature and abstract lover. But you also see that other than the landscape theme abstract that provides a common thread, the artworks are quite different . This actually makes it more interesting.

Landscape-Gallery Wall
Putting the paintings in a certain order can in itself be a creative process. What’s important here is the visual discourse, that there is a flow in where the eye can naturally follow. Here you see someone who collected paintings that remind them of the ocean. The different shades of blue allows the eye to glide from one artwork to the other as if they are following a wave.
The Sea-Gallery Wall
Know that YOU are the central story. One of our collectors is a lover of folkloric artwork as they travel around the world and are very interested in different cultures. This collection shows this collector’s love for folkloric style and themes, which is enhanced by having exotic birds and animal paintings on a gallery wall next to a large window.
Naive Art-Gallery Wall
Most importantly, remember that all gallery walls are perfect. There’s no right or wrong, better or worse gallery wall. And that’s the beauty of it — there’s only possibilities and no way to screw it up. And if you don’t like it, just switch them up!

Written by Su Hyun Kim, CEO 

 Arte Original.

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