Jonas Salk was a researcher and virologist who developed one of the effective vaccines against polio. During the course of his research, at one point he felt stuck and decided to take a leave of absence. He stayed in a 13th-century monastery in Italy and being there “in a landscape of great beauty, surrounded by architecture hundreds of years old, and the ability to be both outside and inside”, changed his emotional spirit. This experience not only impacted him positively spiritually and emotionally, but also inspired him to turn his project around and think about his research from another angle, different from the one he had been developing in his basement laboratory at the University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

In addition to coming up with the solution to create the vaccine, Salk decided to start a new research institute applying concepts that inspire the mind, the Salk Institute. Since then, this Institute has developed a whole line of research -expanded by other studies worldwide- called Neuroarchitecture: fusion of neuroscience and architecture. This discipline tries to understand how space affects our brain and, consequently, our emotional state and our behavior. The premise is that we are emotional beings, and that every time we inhabit a space, our senses are activated, and we react according to that experience. Everything that surrounds us is information that our brain processes and influences our behavior. In other words, there is a direct relationship between our neural activity and the dialogue we establish with the environment. It is a fact that spatiality influences our psychology, which is why our spaces must be meticulously designed so that they offer well-being and enhance creative possibilities.

Magdalena Roglich. Pisando Firme 1. Levantando vuelo 2.

How to make my visual environment benefit me? It is essential to establish an alignment and coherence of style, decoration, materials, colors, shapes, textures, temperatures, lighting, etc. All this group of elements and qualities can turn the occupation of a space into a great experience that impacts us in a positive way. By including artworks in the decoration of your spaces, you contemplate them consciously or unconsciously, and in this way, you are exposed to the constant exercise of stimulating your senses, which also translates into brain stimulation that could activate certain neural connections and enhance your creative thinking. Considering the above, Arte Original has devised a general Office Decoration Guide, and we share this inspiring resource with you. You can download it totally free, from the following link:

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