Do you think that buying art is only for knowledgeable people? Have you thought about acquiring an artwork for your home, but you have many questions and don’t know how to start?

This article is for you.

Carolina Galia. Curiosidad. Serie Muros, inspirado en las fronteras físicas y mentales.

Art has accompanied human beings since the beginning of time, it is inherent to us, it has always belonged to us as a means of expression, for that reason the encounter with a work of art is something profound that moves us and speaks to us in some way, even when we cannot explain it in words. We know more than we think about art because it lives in us like a genetic code. If we could extend that encounter infinitely by taking that work with us, time would strengthen the emotional bond that arose with the work and it would surely continue to unfold before us in the passing of days, months, years.

Carlos Blanco. Saetas.

On the other hand, during the most difficult moments of the pandemic, we were sheltered in our homes and our digital devices became our window to the world. Art galleries closed to the public turned to digital, which meant that today we can access a greater quantity and variety of artists with different languages ​​and narratives with which to be attracted.

Something especially good is that if before you could feel lost or shy about asking how to acquire that work you like, today virtual galleries make it possible like never before for the new buyer to consult and negotiate in total freedom and confidentiality from home, through chats, emails, advice, etc.

Art as a spontaneous expression of what is human, beautiful, and eternal is going through its most democratic moment, today as never before that work that you liked can reach your hands directly from the workshop of your favorite artist. So, if you still don’t dare, this is the time to do it.

Ileana Rincón-Cañas. White Dreams.

Written by our curator, Beatriz Palma Astroza.

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