When people want to know what does it mean to be an artist and look for the definition in the dictionary about this significant and complex figure, they find that "an artist is that person who does something with the utmost perfection, endowed with the ability or dispositions necessary for any of the beautiful arts, especially if they dedicate themself to it professionally”; but beyond this rigid and wide definition is the inner world of the artist, much more complex, mysterious, wonderful and interesting, which is worth discovering.

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Since human being became aware of themself, they felt the need to draw lines directly on the ground, in the sand, on the walls of their caves, on rocks, bones, clay plates and even on their own body to express ideas, concepts, feelings, emotions, or for the simple pleasure of drawing, of painting, of seeing how a line emerged, moved and took shape on any surface, like when a child spontaneously intervenes the walls of their home with a few strokes.

Precisely, for Picasso every child is an artist, but he was concerned about how to continue being an artist once one grows up; that is, how to keep that child artist inside of you. But it turns out that an artist never stops being a child, that child who while playing creates, thus blurring the boundaries between play and creation, without feeling the passage of time while is devoted to their creative game.

For an artist in the middle of a creative process, there is only that moment and place where is attuned to their materials, ideas, feelings, and emotions with which they shape their work. An artist is one who breaks the logic and acts like a magician; is the one who makes the invisible visible, brilliantly confuses imagination with reality, which they transform into fiction and the latter, in turn, into reality.

Arquitectura de la calle - Paulo Toledo

An artist travels through unknown worlds, through impossible worlds that, together with them, as spectators, we make possible; however, an artist performs their creative profession with passion every day, without caring if at some point they will have an audience for their work, because they don’t consider their job as an obligation, but rather as a vital, biological and, especially, spiritual need.

An artist fills the emptiness of their existence and exorcises their demons, their doubts, through images, whether figurative or abstract, perfectly beautiful or grotesque, static or moving, flat or volumetric, built with colors, lines, stains, textures, lights, and shadows.

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An artist is a detached being, since is aware that after the artwork leaves the workshop, it ceases to be their property, to be the property of others, of art lovers, who by possessing them in their spaces become co-creators by contemplate them and make their own interpretations about their visual and thematic content.

In short, an artist lives their profession regardless of their age; in them, despite aging over time, the child that they carry inside never expires; that child who keeps themself entertained in their exciting and pleasant playful and creative activity, which they share with the world.

Written by José Gregorio Noroño

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