Gustavo Zajac. Mírame.

About History. It addresses themes inspired by history (ancient and modern), religious, mythological, literary, or allegorical scenes — artworks with a great symbolic meaning.

Arnaldo Delgado. Niña del sueño verde.

Portrait. Paintings of real or mythological people, individual or group. There are full body or where only the face, head and shoulders can be seen, whose figures reflect their physical, moral, or psychological qualities.

Ileana Rincón-Cañas. Mirror Theory.

Nude art. The nude has various interpretations and meanings, it has been approached from the mythological, religious point of view, as an anatomical study and, particularly, aesthetic, as a representation of physical beauty, real or ideal.

Procopio (Jaime Bernal Macouzet). Sandías.
Jesús Armando Villalón. De la Serie Marinas.

Landscape. As an independent genre, landscape painting consists of compositions whose images represent panoramic, country views, including mountains, hills, valleys, forests, trees, rivers, and seascapes -whose main inspiration is the sea.

Andrés (Titi) Gana. Baile.

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