New trends in contemporary art have given rise to talk in recent years. It can be said that since the beginning of the century an aesthetic has been precipitated that is tangentially crossed by technology, but paradoxically this hasn’t meant a displacement of traditional techniques such as painting.

This phenomenon deserves an approach from different angles.

  1. Artistic trends have privileged a visuality in which, according to the Getty Institute, the images most sought after by the public are the art of the grotesque, pop art, the mystical, ecology, minimalism. Which gives us to understand that we are witnessing a broad aesthetic. For this reason, it is not surprising that trends deeply anchored in the language of comics, in the grotesque, street art, Afro-Americanisms, the Latin American, have entered the contemporary art market, because they are part of a predominant taste in recent years. At this point, from the ‘aesthetics of the ugly’ promoted by Humberto Eco, we witness the growth of the demand for a visuality, which attends to new historical experiences that nurture other narratives. There are other relationships with the art of what was once called “peripheral art”, which have entered the international market with force.
Rigoberto Astupuma. Serie Surrealista 3
Arnaldo Delgado. Ególacra.

2. The rise in recent auctions is notable, the sale of works by artists with a local career that have reached substantial prices, and that, on occasion, even reach the level of those of internationally acclaimed artists. It is a phenomenon of recent times that we haven’t yet ventured to judge. Except that the galleries have taken these artists at risk and have favorably circumvented the gap between artists with a local career who attend to a fresh aesthetic, with others with a wide international presence.

Jorge Contreras. Serie Iconos del Pop. Beavis & Butt-Head Cop America — Flash.

3. Although the protagonism of the scenario has been taken by the increase in new technologies, such as NFTs, painting continues to have a privileged position that the new supports haven’t managed to displace. To the tradition of the pictorial image are added the new ways or ‘post-trends’, which are part of the contemporary trends. Traditional supports have been joined by new materials that give a new look to the format of the work and to the expressive possibilities of the artist, such as the incorporation of neon lights, bioplastics, resins, glass, textiles.

Angélica Ramírez. El beso.

4. There is a new market for technological support works. Within the art market, the Christie’s auction house inaugurated the NFT category and the possibility of making payments with cryptocurrency, which opened the participation of a new generation of collectors who have managed to position themselves with high standards of acquisition of visual formats that are part of their visual systems. These formats have spread quickly. Although after a triumphant entry in auctions, reaching astronomical figures, and going down, they definitely set a precedent…. and they are here to stay. It is not a market that has displaced the traditional one. It has been retained as an option for a new population of collectors. Sales figures still point to a predilection for painting.

5. It is paradoxical that new technologies often ‘inevitably’ end up on a printed medium. The virtual realities that have invaded our daily spaces don’t necessarily conflict with the desire to possess the object versus the desire to possess the image. These limits have been intermingled between one and another technological resource.

Pristowscheg. Cuadrado rítmico. De la serie Punto y coma.

6. Within the visual system of the arts, it is important to highlight the relationship between the style of the works and the new trends in interior design for 2022. Different interior design companies agree that spaces with minimalist furniture, warm colors, noble and natural materials such as wood, glass, ceramics, and indirect light. For this reason, for minimalist design formats in Arte Original we have a wide range of options that perfectly fit this orientation. Click here and download our decoration ebook.

Andrés (Titi) Gana. Satisfaction.
Andrea Plaza Carrasco. Bitcoin YY.

7. Online art sales reached record figures in times of pandemic. It is a line that has remained as a safe, reliable, and comfortable way to acquire artworks.

Written by Anny Bello, curator at Arte Original.

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