We are sure that when decorating your home or office you have wondered what objects to decorate them with, of course, apart from the furniture with which we usually decorate the spaces in which we live or work daily. Well, art is an option. Artworks are not cultural objects to be exhibited, admired, and contemplated only in the halls of museums and galleries.

Going through the History of art, we observe that art collections, before the existence of museums, as we know them today, mainly occupied the walls of temples and palaces where, in addition to their religious functions, demonstration of power, richness and taste, fulfilled a decorative function.

A curious fact is that of Napoleon Bonaparte, who as Emperor of France asked that the painting of the Mona Lisa be brought to the Tuileries Palace to decorate his room, placing it at the head of his bed, although it is also said that he had located in his bathroom.

Rubén Terán Gámez. Triki.

It is important that you know that by decorating your home or office with art you are also telling part of your story as a social and individual being.

The decoration, containing aesthetic ingredient such as art, in addition to offering you a space that identifies you, since your home or office is decorated according to your taste, it will provide you with emotional well-being, a feeling of comfort and confidence.

Here are some tips to decorate your space with pieces of art:

  1. Keep in mind that when you choose to decorate your space with works of art, they will be there for you and your family to see every day and, eventually, your friends and guests.
Josefa Cordua. El Bosque II

2. Although it seems obvious, you must choose what you like, works with which you identify in some way, but these must be in accordance with the style of your space; that is, the most appropriate thing is that if the interior environment is contemporary, the chosen works should harmonize with that style.

3. Decide on a few pieces rather than filling the entire space with a large number of them, which does nothing more than overload and saturate the environment.

4. Consider the colors, theme, meaning and format in combination with other ornamental resources present in your home or office environment.

Combine according to styles, themes, formats, elements of visual expression, so as not to generate tension but rather aesthetic harmony in the set of works arranged and the interior environment.

 not, in your bathroom.

5. It is important that you consider the place where you will place your works. Usually, at home, they are placed in the hallway, living room, dining room and bedroom, and why not, in your bathroom.

Belén Larroulet. La casa del perro y el gato.

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