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Have you ever been on a trip to Latin America, stumbled into a nearby gallery and picked up a painting or two? You thought “This is fantastic! What else is out there?” but didn’t have time to explore more of the art scene? Then you’re traveling back home with this large tube of paintings on your flight, thinking “there must be a better way”.

Have you ever followed an awesome artist through social media, only to be discouraged from buying their artwork because of all the cumbersome logistics (How do I pay? What if I don’t get the painting? What if I don’t like it in person?).

We’re the gallery that makes you, our artists, and our team, happy.

Selvas de Venezuela - Victor Julio Gonzales

Have you been thinking of adding variety to your home collection but not knowing which pieces to invest in? (Who are these artists? Are they well regarded in their region? What tendency do they fit into?) Also, we make sure these pieces are a good fit for your art collection portfolio through our AI pricing model without any BS.

We are a virtual gallery presenting Latin American fine art to the international market. A lot of these artists are well known locally, however with the economic crisis in their countries and the pandemic, they have been suffering financially during the last few years. Through our work, we are facilitating collectors access to high quality artwork while supporting these artists so they can keep painting.

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