I grew up surrounded by adults. I was raised by a generation very distant from mine and that determines many of the paradigms that I inherited. With these ways of thinking behaviors are also inherited. As I gained new experiences and began to go through self-discovery to create my identity, a work that I am sure is never finished, I was confronted with the monster of expectations created by the rest about me, about what is expected of being a woman, the patterns and limiting beliefs inherited from an entire society.

Ileana Rincón-Cañas. Loop
That was a generation with ways of being and thinking that don’t seem to coincide with the world we face today. A world that demands questioning, transformation and progress. Why should we think the same as 40 years ago? Why do we have to do and act in that way?
Magdalena Roglich. Levantando Vuelo 2
Without these questions, it is easy to become the reflection that others make of you rather than your own construction of yourself. You are there, repeating the same things and living life as they did, because that is what was fine 40 years ago. Perpetuating generational cycles and fulfilling roles that aren’t the protagonist of your own story. Breaking those patterns can seem like an act of rebellion or betrayal. On the contrary, it is an act of love for yourself and for others, it reveals intentions to give your best effort to be the best version of yourself. Without condemning or judging what others have already done, it is liberating to start thinking, for example, what do I want to do? before thinking what do the others think I should do?
Make your own mistakes but also live life from your own perspective. Build your own self.
María De Las Casas. Hacia el cielo

Written by Yessire García,

 Arte Original.

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